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Plumbing Licenses Are Required!

Except as provided under Section 145.06(4) of the Wisconsin Statutes, no person may install plumbing unless the person holds a license or registration issued by the department as a licensed master plumber, licensed master plumber-restricted, licensed journeyman plumber, licensed journeyman plumber-restricted, registered plumbing apprentice, registered plumbing learner-restricted, registered utility contractor, or registered pipelayer.

A journeyman plumber may install plumbing while working under the general supervision of a master plumber, master plumber-restricted, or utility contractor (work under the restricted or contractor is limited). A journeyman who is not in the restricted service (private onsite wastewater, building sewers, building water services and mains) or restricted appliance (specific water appliances) categories, is not limited as those two categories are.

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HVAC Registration May Be Required! CFC Certification Is Required!

A person, entity or business may engage in installing or servicing heating, ventilating or air conditioning equipment, except a person, entity or business is not required to hold a registration as a registered HVAC contractor to service existing heating, ventilating, or air conditioning equipment or systems within facilities or properties owned by the person or entity. This HVAC contractor registration is valid statewide, except where there is a local requirement for a local HVAC credential. The local requirement can be satisfied with the local credential or someone may obtain the state HVAC Qualifier credential. Technicians servicing air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment must meet EPA certification criteria by passing an EPA-approved examination. All individuals working with refrigerants must be certified by under a program approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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