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Local, state and federal regulations can be confusing and that the number of issues affecting contractors and small businesses can be overwhelming. That is why we serve as the voice of our members and the industry, advocating for the plumbing, heating and cooling industries in the legislative and regulatory arena.

Bringing our members up-to-date and relevant information regarding regulations and legislation is one very important way in which we serve our members. Specifically, PHCC-WI provides its members with representation on the Plumbing Advisory Code Council, the HVAC Advisory Code Council, the Plumber’s Council, the Plumbing Apprenticeship Advisory Committee, and the HVAC Apprenticeship Advisory Council. In addition, PHCC-WI is a champion for the enhancement of public health and safety through licensure, codes, permitting, inspection, and enforcement.

Through our affiliation with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association, we are also able to exert influence on national legislation and codes that affect our industry.  When it comes to monitoring and influencing policies that affect small businesses – in Wisconsin and throughout the nation – we are well-protected.

Whether you own a business or work for one, it’s important to know your legislators before you have an issue for them to address. Invite elected officials to your business to learn about the industry and small business concerns. Call your legislators. Write them and email them. Attend a listening session. Attend a fundraiser. Before you get enraged about politics and government, get engaged!

To find the name and contact information of the statewide officials and your Wisconsin state representatives/senators:

To find the name and contact information of your U.S. Representative:

To find the name and contact information of your U.S. Senator:


“Educate before you advocate.”

That’s good advice for anyone wanted to make progress in the legislative and regulatory arena. Decision makers must be made aware of your interests and how those interests affect the larger constituency they serve. In other words, our job is to make sure that legislators and regulators understand the value our industry brings to the community. We protect the public health and safety. We provide comfort and convenience. We create jobs in the community. We make homes, businesses, and the community a better place to live and work.

PHCC-WI stays in front of legislators, monitoring hundreds of legislative proposals and dozens of administrative rules, and commenting on those that have positive and negative effects on the industry and those we serve.

Recent legislative successes include opposition to changes in Restricted Plumber licensing requirements for licensure and administration of the licensing examination, creation of administrative forfeitures for license violations, modifications to update the definition of “plumbing” to allow for safe installation of water reuse systems, repeal of the insulator licensing law, clarification of the exemption for P-H-C work that would otherwise have been subject to electrical licensing requirements.

Here’s a sample of what we do:

State Weakens Restricted Appliance Licensing Process

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